August 25

Some more headlines

Euro-area businesses spent years wishing for a weaker euro. Now it's here and it couldn't have come at a worse time. Japan weighs relaxing border rules on COVID -media. Market forces and good old-fashioned ingenuity will help automakers and battery suppliers maneuver around raw material shortages. How a Thai court suspended Prime Minister Prayuth. Stocks skid, dollar holds steady as market mood darkens. UK consumer spending drops as inflation hit intensifies. UK's Truss says she is determined to deliver N. Ireland bill in full. Britain's Bigham sets men's Hour record. President Joe Biden is set to reveal his plan for forgiving some student debt, but there's a hot debate over whether he's going too far or not far enough.. U.S. new vehicle prices to hit record high despite rising interest rates. Qatar Investment Authority aims to invest $3 bln in Pakistan. India's NDTV jumps after Asia's richest man moves to take stake. Shanghai's riverside Bund area and parts of the financial center of Lujiazui, including the Oriental Pearl Tower, were in near darkness on Monday in an effort to conserve energy. South Korea has once again shattered its own record for the world's lowest fertility rate. Its population of 51 million people could potentially more than halve by the end of this century.. From devising proper ventilation techniques to using fertilizers, Egyptian farmers are coming up with ways to try to save their mango crops from the impacts of climate change . India's NDTV rises 5% after Adani makes bid 'without consent'. In northern Lebanon, local salt farmer Imad Malek remains one of the few salt producers in the country fighting the extinction of his craft, through power outages and fuel price hikes . Tropical storm Ma-on may create delays for global supply chains as it pushes closer to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, scattering vessels out of one of Asia's leading container hubs. China faces heatwave havoc on power, crops and livestock. Japan will let tourists into the country even without a negative Covid test from Sept. 7, and will soon decide whether to raise the daily limit on visitors, PM Kishida announces from his home quarantine.

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